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Vocational Results has provided seminars to insurance companies, counselors, attorneys, vocational schools and industry organizations such as C.A.R.R.P.
The presenter, Stewart Soto has 10 years in vocational rehabilitation. He worked as a vocational rehabilitation coordinator with various insurance companies and as managing counselor for Vocational Results, which allows him to understand the industry from different aspects.

The seminar will be customized to fit your needs ---- the length can vary anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Here is a sample of what will be discussed, (but keep in mind that each seminar can be customized to fit your companies needs.)

• When does the cap really start?
• What constitutes a delay?
• Review of RU forms.
• Which to use and when to use them
• How to take advantage of free resources available on the Internet that will make your job easier.
• What type of information should be included on a vocational rehabilitation plan to protect your client’s interest.
• Emerging trends in vocational rehabilitation counseling practices.
• Emerging trends in vocational rehabilitation case law. (Food Maker, Del Taco vs. WCAB)
• Question and answer session, which includes staffing of your voc rehab cases. Sign up now!

Vocational Results participates in the exchange of ideas and fosters cooperative relationships within the vocational
rehabilitation and disability management fields. We participate in C.A.R.R.P., S.C.R.E., O.B.R.A. and our local C.A.A.A. chapter. We bring to the industry the highest professional standards and a solid, reputable organization. Our counselors have over 50 years of combined experience, insuring quality vocational rehabilitation solutions for our clients.

This year I was President of the Organization of Bilingual Rehabilitation Associates.

Since 1993 Vocational Results has successfully assisted hundreds of individuals who have a disability or have experienced a work related injury to return
to work.

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